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Logan Kotler

As part of Bracewell’s Financial Restructuring Group, Logan Kotler has learned that bet-the-company corporate restructuring and bankruptcy litigation proceedings for national and international corporations requires the confluence of both technical and soft skillsets — knowledge, research and persuasive writing, supplemented by a commitment to client service, active listening and problem solving. Long before he passed the Bar, Logan spent some time in a bar of a different variety, working as a bartender. Listening to people share their viewpoints on just about any topic under the sun helped Logan develop an ability to understand where people are coming from and what matters most to them so he could provide top-notch service — not unlike his experience working in the mediation unit at the US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. When he is not in the courtroom, drafting motions or preparing for negotiations, Logan enjoys watching LeBron James chase NBA championships and is an avid international traveler, searching out new adventures, exotic cultures and unique local cuisine. With an Italian adventure not unlike Dev’s in Master of None recently in the books, on his vacation wish list remains taking his bartending skills abroad — a la Tom Cruise in Cocktail — to serve up his signature Tokyo Iced Tea and be a listening ear for folks around the world.