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E&P Companies

They drill baby drill Black gold no longer golden Jed Clampett goes home

Just Shoot Me

Colt dome in Hartford
Gold leafing peeling away
No more peacemakers?

Icarus Flies Again

If you fail and fail and fail
Is fourth time the charm?


Chinese company
US public bondholders
Welcome to Wuxi

Mariano Rivera

Number 42
Is now 43 years old
Makes Jeter look young


Two troubled airlines
Will merged airline be better?
I prefer the train

Prescription for Recovery

We could use more jobs
And fewer politicians
It is that simple

Wall Street

Bulls, Bears make money
Pigs become hogs, get slaughtered
Wall Street ever thus

Premature Exit

I made a killing
When I sold my Apple shares
...At Eighty-Six, sigh

Dealus Interruptus

Need to settle claim
No one answering my calls
Dog days of Summer

Oakland Athletics

My beloved A's
Lowest payroll, kicking ass
Who needs Bash Brothers?


Plan finally confirmed
Goodbye, Chapter Eleven
No. Appeals? Really?


Turning 55
30 years of bankruptcies
Feels like 65

Fenway Park

In Boston they play games at Fenway
On the corner of Brookline and Yawkey Way
While the Yankees were thriving
The Sox just kept diving
Perhaps Fenway was victim to feng shui?

September 2011

Red Sox nine games up
What could possibly go wrong?
Crack another beer

And the Rest Is History

The Cardinals chose
Young Joe Garagiola
The Yanks got Yogi