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Greek Crisis

Borrow heavily
Hide the truth from the EU
Grecian formula

LA Blues

Jackie Robinson
Turning over in his grave
Dodgers bankruptcy

Anna Nicole Smith

Battle of the wills
Supremes have the final say
Bunny hops no more

Delaware Diary

A Committee pitch
30 law firms and FAs
Pickings sure are slim

Democrat Follies

Weiner sending sexts
Obama is out to lunch
Who will stumble next?

Republican Follies

Gingrich staff resigns
Palin butchers Paul Revere
Who will stumble next?

Yankees/Red Sox Series

Baking in my seat
Yankees go through the motions
Red Sox sweep, again

Summer in the City

Buildings drip with sweat
Subway is an inferno
Sidewalk melts my shoes


Pizza bankruptcy
Now to divide up the pie
Make my slice to go

LA Dodgers

Running the bases
It's a close play at the plate
McCourt is called out


Owners and players
Both sides will win in the end
Only the fans lose

The View from Olympus

Restructuring Greece
Mortals, can you spare a dime?
Zeus and Hera weep

Washington Wars

Inside the Beltway
Speeches and accusations
Would you all shut up?

Centro sale

Centro sells US
Blackstone shells out $9 billion
Oz restructure next

Kenneth Starr

Ken Starr sent to jail?
Prosecutor falls down hard
Oh, not that Ken Starr

TOUSA (S)quashed

TOUSA is quashed
Capital markets rejoice
Here comes the appeal