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New Lawyers

Fresh out of law school
Ready to take on the world
But the world just shrugs


A world upside down
Shareholder claims rank as debt
Sons of Gwalia


Four competing plans
Chaos and confusion reign
Will justice prevail?

Election Results

Changing of the guard
It’s the Republicans' turn
Will anything change?

Big Law Accounting

PPP is down
We need to cover that up
"Creative" numbers

Bonus Envy

My bonus is great!
Huh, your bonus was higher?
I am so pissed off.

Legal Menagerie

Said the snail to the hare,
"My rate is much lower."
Said the hare to the snail,
"But you work so much slower."

Said the tiger, in turn,
"Both of you are passé.
I don't charge by the hour,
No, I charge by the day."

Said the monkey, quite pleased,
"I'll tell you what I do,
After counting my hours,
I write them down, times two."

Said the client, in tears,
"I don't know what to do,
The animals run wild,
Who's in charge of this zoo???"

Covenant Lite Indenture

"Dearest Investor,
We promise to pay you back.
Now please go away."

Basis Points

80 basis points
They really call that a spread?
Oversubscribed, sigh.


Fraudulent transfer?
Justice took a holiday
Here come the appeals


Meeting in process
Sneaking a peek at e-mails
Tuning in and out

Debtor's Counsel

Ninety-one pages
This brief is a masterpiece
Billing by the hour


Screaming and swearing
Who is the biggest bully?
Please take a chill pill!

Workout Negotiations

Six lawyers yelling
Bagels thrown across the room
Agreement is reached

Conference Call

People beating chests
Typing in the background
Where's the mute button?

Bankruptcy Court

Accusations fly
Smirks and rolling eyes abound
Justice is served?